East Africa Destinations

Kenyan safaris rekindle the imagination associated with thrilling wildlife adventures. When you think of a Kenyan safari, you no doubt picture roaring African lions, herds of elephants, wildebeests and zebras thundering across vast sweeping savannas, and the joy of basking in Africa's long sunshine and wilderness.

Book your African Tanzania safari trip to northern Tanzania safari tour that covers Tanzania premier National game parks and reserves like the Tanzania Serengeti safari, Serengeti tours, Ngorongoro crater tours, Tarangire adventure, the wildebeest migration to trekking Kilimanjaro evoke ancient memory and instill awe

Kenya Parks & Reserves

Whichever park or conservancy you decide to visit you can normally guarantee that you will see the more common grazing animals; such as buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, eland, giraffe, gazelles, impala and waterbuck

Tanzania parks & Reserves

Tanzania's National Parks leads with the highest concentrations of African wildlife on the planet where millions of animals roam an eternal grassland.

Uganda Parks & Reserves

Uganda gorilla trekking safaris and chimpanzee tracking tours are the prime attractions for a Uganda safari and dominantly make up most of our Uganda safari packages.